"We do not take a trip; a trip takes us."
              John Steinbeck


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The field guides GAR speak italian, english, german and french, offering that way the excursions also to foreign people. For information: info@guidegar.it. English web site
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News / Press releases 2009
10.03 Press releases "Walk For Marecchia"
27.04 - 01.5 2009 - Start/Beginning "Walk For Marecchia 09"

Our proposal includes one or more day excursions through the Appennin, night excursions, educational excursions for the little, seminars and DIA shows for the big. Beneath walking, the excursions allow you to discover - and taste - the handmade products from the hinterlanf of the Romagna. For information: info@guidegar.it.

Our philosophy
"Walking is a kind of art, a simple and daily exercise of balance and awareness.” - Our proposals are an alternative way to meet places, cultures and people (or single persons), outside of the mass tourist routes, in an ecological way, including the pleasure of living.

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